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Deafblind is a combination of not hearing (or not being able to hear well) and not seeing (or not being able to see well). Deafblind is not only being deaf and blind, but also a combination of being blind and hard of hearing or being deaf and hard of seeing, or having partial hearing and partial sight.

Deafblind means having a hearing loss of 35 decibel or more, visual acuity of 0.30 or less and/or a visual field of 30º or less.

No two deafblind people are the same and each one experiences his/her disability in a different way. This depends on different factors. For example: Were you born deafblind or did this develop later in life? Did you first become deaf, blind or both? How much can you still hear and see?

Deafblind people rely to a large extent on others and on disability assistance products.

Options offered by Visio

> Rehabilitation at Visio
> Visio support in finding work
> Support in education
> Visio living and day care


Externe links

> Deafblind network
> Royal Kentalis
> Kalorama

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Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.

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