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Itinerant educational support at regular schools

By deploying itinerant educational support at regular schools, Visio makes it possible for a blind or partially sighted child to attend a neighbourhood primary school together with his or her friends. This way, the child can attend school in a familiar environment, can build his or her own circle of friends close to home, and gradually learn to go to school independently.

Itinerant educational support

Itinerant educational support is for pupils in primary school, in special education systems,  in all types of secondary education, in the senior secondary vocational education, and if necessary at the beginning of higher vocational education or university. The guidance is for partially sighted and blind people from the age of four to twenty.

The Visio itinerant teacher helps pupils with visual impairment to participate to the best possible extent in the regular school system. The itinerant teacher can offer advice to teachers about arranging for a suitable learning environment and how to adapt the teaching materials. He or she not only advises about certain assistance products, but also provides support in how to use them. Thanks to guidelines, counselling and acquired skills, the pupil can attend school together with his or her fully sighted classmates.

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